Friday, September 14, 2012

Which Level of Bloom's Am I Teaching?

Recently I have been developing a few new units based on Bloom's and came across a question as to which level of Bloom's a certain activity would fall into. I wanted to incorporate a photographic essay (here is a link to wikipedia's page on Photo-essays if you'd like to learn more about them) into my unit and thought that it would fall into Application, but I wasn't completely sure. Let me give you some background... I was a history major in college and no, not the "I'm going to be a teacher" history major. I was the "I'm taking history because I like it and it will be an easy degree to help get me into Law School." The point of that background info is... although I have experience with Bloom's, I am still learning and in no way an "expert."

I took the photo-essay question to our resident expert on Bloom's