Friday, April 6, 2012

Application: Use It!

Definition: when given a problem new to the student, he/she will apply what he knows and use it in this situation without being prompted. The student might use general ideas, procedures, or methods that he has remembered and apply them to this new situation.
  • Apply previously learned information in new situations.
  • Choose the correct method for problem solving.
  • Experiment to predict outcomes.
Highest level: setting up a procedure for solving a problem.
Lowest level: supporting a conclusion with evidence.

Commonly used verbs at the Application level (Actual verbs from the original Taxonomy are in italic):
  • apply
  • choose
  • calculate
  • demonstrate
  • discover
  • experiment
  • predict
  • solve
  • relate
  • support a conclusion
  • transfer of training
  • use  

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