Monday, April 2, 2012

Comprehension: Interpret It!

Definition:to know what is being communicated and to be able to make use of the information. Comprehension is the lowest level of understanding but is probably the most emphasized in classroom instruction.
  • Understand the literal meaning of the information.
  • Interpret for later use.
  • Summarize in your own words.
Highest level: predicting continuation of trends based on information read.
Lowest level:  being able to summarize a story.
Commonly used verbs at the Comprehension level (Actual verbs from the original Taxonomy are in italic):
  • conclude
  • estimate
  • explain
  • extend
  • extrapolate
  • generalize
  • use information
  • infer
  • interpret
  • predict
  • reorder
  • rephrase
  • summarize
  • translate

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