Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Evaluation: Judge It!

blooms taxonomy poster
Bloom's Posters from Pieces of Learning
Definition: judging the value of ideas, works, solutions, methods, or materials for a purpose. A set of specific criteria as well as standards are used in the appraisal. While evaluation is the "last stage" of the Taxonomy, it is not necessarily the last step in thinking or problem solving. It is placed at level six because the process of Evaluation involves all the other types of thinking: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, and Synthesis.
  • Assess for accuracy
  • Evaluate based on a specific set of criteria
  • Compare with the highest known standards
Highest Level: determining which essay best conveys the spirit of freedom and independence
Lowest Level: locating errors in content or logical thinking

Commonly used verbs at the Application level (Actual verbs from the original Taxonomy are in italic): 
  • appraise
  • assess
  • compare
  • conclude
  • critique 
  • defend 
  • evaluate 
  • give an opinion 
  • judge 
  • justify
  • locate errors
  • recommend

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